Welcome from the Wild River Consulting & Publishing Team

Ned Bachus, author Open Admissions
From the moment we agreed to have Wild River publish our book If These Stones Could Talk we have felt a sense of security knowing that Kim Nagy understood why we wanted to write our book about the African American presence in Hopewell Valley and surrounding area.

She has guided us through our many years of research, and assisted us in putting our thoughts, words and information in chronological order.

Beverly Mills and Elaine Buck

Author, If These Stones Could Talk

Raquel Pidal, Managing Editor at Wild River, did far more than what I’d expected; she opened my eyes to possibilities in my manuscript that I had not fully grasped until I read her evaluation.

Focusing on audience, organization and meaning in both practical and cosmic ways, she helped me see it anew. I remember thanking her and using the late Andre Dubus’s term “secular sacraments” to describe the gifts that writers/editors, like Ms. Pidal, give to fellow writers.

Ned Bachus

Author, Open Admissions