Our Hybrid Model of Publishing

Wild River Books’ hybrid model of publishing combines the high editorial and cover design standards and cultivated author branding strategies of traditional publishing with self-publishing models that give authors more expedient and flexible timelines, greater control of their final work while continuously offering rigorous editorial direction, critical feedback and PR consulting that help authors reach their writing and publication goals.

Some of our clients work with us on retainer to gain media exposure or develop their author platform before their books are even published. Others come to us with complete manuscripts for evaluation and we might help them write query letters or approach the right agent or publisher for their work. Clients seek our help with speeches, presentations and building a solid network for their speaking platforms.

If clients/ authors wish and should their work fit our editorial standards, we can help them bring their work to life under our imprint and reputation as Wild River Books.

What we seek to give every client is a robust plan for their writing and publication goals.

There’s a reason why several of Wild River Books have received starred Kirkus reviews. We are fiercely protective over the quality of our books and never rubber stamp any author’s book or publish just for the “sake of publishing.”

And there’s a reason authors keep coming back to us. We will not only bring your manuscript to its “brightest light” and work with you to develop a cohesive plan and roadmap toward publication but we will also help you think through your outreach, tap into your author network and consider your readers every step of the way as we lead you to publication.

WHAT WE ARE NOT: We are not agents nor are we self-publishers. We are NOT a not-for-profit no matter how much we like you or believe in your work. We are a small company and charge for all of our time and overhead. We want you to explore every possible avenue to publication in the way that works with your larger goals.

We don’t try to compete with self-publishing models that don’t value quality. But nor can we compete with the major publishers when it comes to distribution. So, we encourage all of our clients to explore all of their options and avenues in their publishing journey.

WHAT WE ARE: What we most want to provide is a roadmap to quality publication of which you will be proud, along with a ticket to your truest voice and most resonant author platform.
• Author-branding: We continually help authors hone their messaging and build visibility around their brand.
• Availability of strong social media presence via WRR for authors to tap into
• A branded gateway for quality publication. We vet a book before agreeing to publish. However, we can provide ghostwriting to get to that stage.
• Expedient and flexible timelines for authors
• Can serve either as a hybrid publisher or a conduit for an author to strengthen a publication to take to an agent for traditional publishing

Wild River’s staff, with our experience at major publishing houses, literary publications and design studios, combines more than 30 years in the business.